8 Ways to Eat (with a) Clean (Conscience)

The food system in America is out of control. And a bit overwhelming. How can you eat in a way that aligns with your values? How can you ensure you are doing as much as you can to slow down the proliferation of food production techniques that harm the environment, communities, and the health of you and your neighbors? How would one even go about starting to change the way they eat?

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How to Cook a Perfect Hardboiled Egg. And Peel it too!

How to Cook a Perfect Hardboiled Egg. And Peel it too! My long-time roommate only has one dish in his food-for-guests repertoire. No matter what the occasion, if he’s tasked with bringing a dish, you already know what he’ll be making: deviled eggs. While there are tons of modern and fancy takes on the classic appetizer, he prefers the simplest recipe around: eggs, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and a garnish of paprika.

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Winter Farm Update

Winter Farm update You would think that January would be super slow around the farm. Turns out, we’re actually doing a ton around here. Here’s a list of what’s going on as we gear up for the growing season, which will be upon us before we know it! Egg Sales While they have slowed down quite a bit, our laying flock is still pumping out dozens of delicious and nutritious eggs every day.

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